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"You were always as far as Mongolia,
as close as my clothes,
your presence pervading, but it still never shows.
as close as the answer i never quite know, or can’t quite remember.”

I miss Million Dead, they need to come back!

Just wanted this one to be one its own because it is a favourite of mine. 

Just wanted this one to be one its own because it is a favourite of mine. 

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Million Dead - Plan B

Need something a little louder to wake me from my sleepy state so i can have the motivation to make a cup of tea..

I confess that I was there on that grassy knoll,
and I confess I helped fake the moon landings as well.
But I confess I’ve yet to let slip my lowest low:
there have been times when I’ve pretended I didn’t know about my skeleton.

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Smiling At Strangers On Trains | Frank Turner

your distance insidious, as soft as a blow
your shadow is with me wherever I go
it’s on the tip of my tongue but still I never quite know
or can’t quite remember
I don’t quite remember
the forced proximity of a million different Mike Leigh movies
makes me long for the fresh air of a familiar face
and not the violence of loneliness
nor the unease of surrounded seclusion
I keep nearly missing you around corners and in passing trains

‎’I spent so long beneath the dim street lighting, that I strained my eyes and lost the finesse of my fine hand-writing..’

Frank Turner, Million Dead