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This song gives me so many feelings…

ay i’m not even into naruto or anything really but this song is just well made

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I <3 Glassjaw

I think one of the reasons I love Glassjaw is that I have never thought about  ex girlfriends when listening to them. There are bands that straight up remind me of certain people that have come and gone in my life, but Glassjaw were a band I discovered when I felt I wasn’t old enough to even think about relationships.

The sound of that band are something I am so thankful for, and am happy to have had them growing up and coming of age. There are tracks where I will get past a certain section and want to listen to it again, and so start the track from the beginning so I can listen to the build up and eventual crescendo.  

Daryl’s song writing and how he portrays his own experiences and grievances in my opinion are so thought that you can only sit there and say.. “Yeah man, I’ve fucking been there..” in the most nondescript kind of way.

(I just felt the need to talk about them as I have been on a GJ binge for a few hours now.)