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As a male Dragon Ball/Z fan you are in constant danger of urges to tell girls to suck your dragon balls.


少し 弟
Dragon Ball #27
By Akira Toriyama

Look at how cute little Son Goku is, just monkeying around. More people need to read the Dragon Ball manga.





Cannot feasibly imagine a scene where Vegeta does not smack Goku upside the head for this

This cutscene is great. 

The fight is a motherfucker, though.  Gogeta vs. Gotenks, no time limit on the fusion, so Gotenks just goes for his finisher over and over and over and over and over and over.    And if you try to hit him, he’ll teleport behind you and hit his finisher that way. 

Fortunately, it’s in the World Tournament ring, so you can maneuver him to the edge and win by ring-out.  If you’re lucky